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Personal and employer branding
training & courses

Business is about people, not just companies. Each employee is a business card for your company, and everyone in your organization plays a crucial role in shaping the company's brand.


Employees with a strong personal brand become the best communication and sales channels for their employer. Therefore, every employer should support their employees in developing their personal brand and align it with the company's product or service brand.


The stronger the personal brand of an employee, the stronger ambassador they become for the company.

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Our Services



Team Inspiration Boost

Do you want to give your employees a fresh inspiration boost and help them stand out as industry experts? 

  • Creating an Expert Image

  • A comprehensive 7-question system that helps consciously shape your personal brand and, in turn, strengthens the employer's brand.

  • Comprehensive strategy and a practical action plan

  • Toolbox tailored to your needs

  • A gift for all participants:"Bränd nimega Sina" e-book Personal Branding Web Academy


Duration: 1-3 hours

Specific focus according to your company's needs


In-house Workshops

Do you want to strengthen your company's brand and boos

employee motivation? 

  • We help turn your employees into strong brand ambassadors

  • Align employees with the company's goals, values, and metrics

  • Inspire employees to take action and provide them with necessary tools

  • Possible topics: values, storytelling, WHY, virtual business cards

  • A gift for all participants: 
    "Bränd nimega Sina" e-book

  • Personal Branding Web Academy


Duration: 1-2 days

Specific focus according to your company's needs.


Brand Ambassador Programs

Do you want to successfully launch a brand ambassador program and motivate ambassadors to take action?

  • Current situation audit

  • Defining goals and metrics

  • Framework, strategy, action plan

  • Launching the brand ambassador program with an inspirational training (2 h)

  • Organizing employees' virtual business cards

  • Brand ambassador toolbox

  • A gift for all participants:
    "Bränd nimega Sina" e-book

  • Personal Branding Web Academy

Duration: personal branding workshops over 4-6 months

Specific focus according to your company's needs

What Makes This Book Unique?

Hundreds, if not thousands of books have been written on this topic. However, despite the increasing popularity of personal branding, there does not yet exist a book that would offer very clear, thorough and hands-on tools for creating your personal brand and managing it.


The majority of personal branding experts recommend you be authentic, different and tell your story. Simple and logical, isn't it? But what to do when you don't know exactly who this authentic "you" is or how you differ from everyone else? It is also often challenging to define what your "unique value proposition" is or how "differing" helps you reach your goals. That is why our book has 100 practical steps to help you create and market your personal brand.

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Is This Book For You? 

This book is meant primarily for people who want to grow the sales, profit and value of their company with the help of personal branding of themselves, their employees and the company's general manager.

Social media has given us all equal opportunities, but the conscious use of these opportunities and of their potential is in our own hands. The purpose of this book is to help you understand their personal brand in its entirety. This book will provide you with tools but be prepared, this book will also shake you out of your comfort zone! Only in this way can you succesfully support your business or your employer's goals with your personal brand!

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Where Can I Purchase The Book? 

You can get your copy and read more about our book from our other website.

We hope you have fun exploring your personal brand through our book!

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