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You can lose a lot of money if your sales and marketing departments aren’t working together

Did you know that you’re losing money if your sales and marketing departments aren’t working together?

Changes to how consumers purchase, particularly due to the internet, has caused a need for sales and marketing to become more customer-centric and work seamlessly together.

According to the Aberdeen Group, companies that optimize the sales and marketing relationship grow revenue 32% faster.

In addition businesses with unified sales and marketing teams enjoy 38% higher sales win rates, 36% higher customer retention rates, and generate 208% more revenue from marketing, according to MarketingProfs.

The main reason is that customers now complete on average up to 70% of their purchase decision-making process online without the need to talk to sales. In some instances, they do not ever talk to sales as they complete their purchase online.

It means that marketing is now sales and marketing for the first 70% of the sales process for many businesses. Whether it is 25% 50% or 70% depends on the customer. They decide at what stage in the process they wish to engage with sales.

Sales and Marketing should both working towards the same goal: securing business and helping their company grow.

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