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25 tips on how to become a webinar ninja

Teams around the world have transitioned lately from fully to partly remote work, and many have had to completely rethink their meeting practices, including everything from content to cadence. To help make this reset easier for teams still navigating the transition, we are happy to share our webinar checklist with you so can become a webinar ninja too.


  1. Adjust reminder emails to attendees;

  2. Take care of your appearance;

  3. Prepare the background that your attendees see;

  4. Test your equipment and internet connection;

  5. Switch off all sources of noise;

  6. Have a well-designed presentation;

  7. Pour a glass of water for yourself;

  8. Test your webinar recording;

  9. Do a dry run;

  10. Have a detailed timetable draft;

  11. Start on time;

  12. Know your audience;

  13. Don’t be too salesy;

  14. Mute all non-speakers;

  15. Create value;

  16. Be passionate;

  17. Engage your attendees;

  18. Use a live Q&A;

  19. Share your slides;

  20. Respect your audience’s time;

  21. Deliver your promise;

  22. Stay positive;

  23. Send thank you emails;

  24. Set your goals and measure them;

  25. Keep learning.

We hope that these resources will help better equip your business to achieve its goals for 2022 and beyond.

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