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Your Band Up Studio is driven by passion for sales and marketing.

Our mission is to help smaller and bigger companies across industries and geographies to succeed in sales and marketing. We can be your next short time team member or long time coach. Your Brand Up Studio can train your team, boost up your sales, help to execute projects, be creative, build up strategies, brainstorm with you, create or add value and build up your brand.  

Benefit from our competence. Let`s boost up your sales and marketing!



At Your Brand Up Studio, we are experts in big thinking, storytelling, creative and fresh ideas and solutions. Our mission is to discover, uncover and release the unique spirit of every great organisation - then communicate it to the world.

We help you to create marketing strategies, do content marketing, design your services, build up your brand or add value to it. Our goal is to help our clients craft brands that stand for something, tell stories and ultimately stand out from the competition. Your brand is the heart of your business. We'll help you discover and then market the unique spirit of your organisation.

Welcome to the new era of marketing, brand experience and service in which your brand is defined by those who experience it.

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We’re pretty proud of our achievements, but are always aiming to grow and improve.


Täpne, uudne ja alati lahendustele orienteeritud. Pikaajaline töö rahvusvahelise korporatsiooni marketingidirektorina on kindlasti väärtuslik kogemus ettevõtete turundus- ja müügialasel nõustamisel.

Ester Eomõis
Õppejõud, juhtimisnõustaja
Estonian Business School

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